Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eight weeks ago today was when you were taken from us. We went through the motions today the first holiday without you! We all miss you so much! Last year you were in bootcamp so you didn't get to have turkey. I looked forward to you being here with us this year. I am not looking forward to Christmas or your birthday. I can now understand what it's like to loose someone that means so much to you. It is so difficult to see sister hurting so much. I wish there is something I can say to make all her pain go away. A magic wand that just makes all your wishes come true. I go to church every Sunday and it is helping a bit. But the question always comes to mind again. Why? Why was he taken so young? Why did someone take him? Why is he no longer here? Why did he have to leave us in such a tragic way? Why does sister have to suffer his loss? Why? Why?why? Our lives will never be the same.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seven weeks ago today I was woken up with the worst call in my life. Our life's have been turned upside down. We miss you so much Sonny! Until we see each other again. Love you Mijo!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here is Sonny with his nino and cousins Mikey and Andy.

It has been a tough few weeks and it seems to be getting harder. I never thought our family would have to go through such a tragedy. I feel so bad for my sister and to see her in so much pain. I wish that we could see Sonny again. I wish I could hold him agin. I wish I could hear him call me nina again. I remeber the last time he was here at my house. Two days before he was so violently taken away from us. He was so excited to see that me and his nino where bar-b-que'in. We made hamburgers and bacon wrapped hot dogs for the Cowboys game. I am glad we were able to get closer to him in the last couple months. Not that it made it any easier that we almost lost him during a accident where he was ejected from the van. I do miss you Sonny!!! I loved you like my own son. I thought of you like that. You will always be in my memory as an angel! Here

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What an upset

We are all still in shock over last nights game. Both teams JV and varsity got robbed. The refs cheated us out of winning both games. I hate when that happens. Especially when it is obvious. Oh well. Getting ready to go to annual chili cookoff in town. Sister and family made it save to Germany. I was so worried since I knew they were supposed to land at 6:05 our time and I did'nt get a text and picture till almost 7. I am so glad they are on ground and with brother E. Well goota start cleaning.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Off again this weekend. Last weekend was great! Went to John's in Monterrey for baby Savanna's birthday. She is so cute. Of course we also got to see princess Bella and took her a gift as we prob. wont make it for her birthday. Today was an emotional day as my sis and her family left to Germany. I cried numorous times throughout the day. I will be alot better once I know the plane has landed in Germany. It will be a very sad next 10 days till they return. I miss my sister so much. I talk to her daily and see her during the week as she has started home schooling G. She is my rock, and always listens and sets me straight when I stray. I will miss her as we will have little or no conversation till she gets back. If anyone knows how to set up my web cam on my new laptop please help me out. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Glad tomorrow is Friday. Football!!!!!! We play Fowler. Mikey is still out due to his spranged knee. I always love watching him play. Saturday is Chili cookoff. Sunday is a birthday party in the morning. Its in the morning cause they menu is menudo. As you can tell I may be off but I will still be busy as the weekend is all planned out. Well tell more later.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OMG!! I never knew how fun it was to shop till this last Tuesday. I went to the garment district/alley's whatever you want to call them in LA. I took my camera to take pictures, I was so excited and realized when we got back into the car to leave that I had'nt even taken any. I had so much fun. It was a rush all day trying to get all the deals. The best part was I was with my husband and friends and sister-in-law. Yes my husband!!! He went to work that morning and called me and said he was coming home and going with us. He drove us there and back and did not complain once. I got almost everything I went for except for a watch. I even got my fav cd right now. The Black Eyed Peas. I love that song Meet me Halfway. I am so looking forward to next weekend and going to John's for the girls party. I just love being with my family. We have been spending a little more time with Mike's family lately since his sister's, his moms, and his birthday were all in August so we had to have individual parties every weekend. I love going to watch my boys play football. I look forward to Friday's I have a rush all day and can't wait to get off work. The only thing that sucks is we are there from around 5 to 11 cause Mikey plays varsity and Andy plays jv. I will post later after the weekend with some pics from tomorrows big homecoming game.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aaron's first day of school
Andy, Mason, Aaron, and Mike at grizzlie baseball game

Savanna and me on the beach

My lil princess Isabella

Mikey and me at the Beach house.

Finally got a new computer and all the family fun is starting so I hope to start blogging again here are some random pics